Sydhavsøernes Fruit Festival

18th and 19th of September 2021

The festival takes place in the charming city of Sakskøbing on Lolland, at the peak of the Danish fruit harvest.

In Bunol, Spain, they have La Tomatina festival, where the locals celebrate the tomato harvest, by throwing tomatoes at each other. In Ivrea, Italy, they have their tomato throwing festivals, and in Menton, France, they have the more sophisticated Fête du Citron. The British gather to celebrate and compete around the raspberry harvest…..

On Lolland more than 20.000 people gather to celebrate the fruit harvest, and the rich cultural heritage of fruit growing on the southern islands of Denmark. The focus is on fresh fruit and culinary uses of fruit, in the Gastronomy, marmalade and other preserves, cider, fruit wine, fruit brandy, balsamic and normal vinegar. You will find activities for the entire family.

Top-events in 2018 are:

  • Fruit-battle between cooks, butchers and bakers – do they know their plums?
  • Cakes as served in the 19th century in the Madam Mangor café
  • More than 60 sales stands with all kinds of fruit related products,
  • All Family bikerace – explore the beautiful sights on Lolland by bike, pit stop at a local fruit grower.
  • A fruit Marathon – run an explore the beautiful sites of Lolland Falster, and a orenteering race – run and find the hidden fruits in forest.
  • Meet the fruit doctors and ask all your question on fruit growing, or visit one of Denmark’s largest fruit storages facilities and experience big scale production of fresh apple juice

Free admission!  Enjoy a wonderful weekend tasting, eating, drinking and shopping your way through the fruit universe!

Opening hours:

  • Saturday:  10.00 – 17.30
  • Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00

How to get there:

The festival area is situated just next to Sakskøbing train station. So the easiest way to get to the Festival is by train. It is also possible to drive to the festival and park in one of the parking areas connected to the Festival. Just give in Sakskøbing town center in the GPS and you will get there.

Contact and info about Sydhavsøernes Fruit Festival:
Povl Lønberg, mail: pl@luna.dk